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Your Healthy Snacking Begins with Hapifuel | The Online Store in Mumbai

People are becoming more health-conscious than ever before. New trends are constantly emerging in response to healthier food and snack demand. Healthy eating has become a priority for many modern consumers and significantly impacts food retailers and manufacturers worldwide. 

New trends in healthy eating include veganism, plant-based diets and gluten-free, zero trans-fat eating, and other related movements such as clean eating. Due to long-term health risks associated with trans fats and gluten, many people avoid snacks and foods that include these ingredients.

Trans-fat lowers the amount of beneficial fat and increases the amount of harmful cholesterol in our bodies, which enhances the risk of heart attacks and type 2 diabetes, it is harmful throughout life.

Snack foods, baked goods, and fried foods frequently contain industrially generated trans-fats since they are found in solidified vegetable fats like margarine and ghee.

In addition to snacking, processed foods also include a substance called acrylamide, which is carcinogenic and can covertly promote the development of cancer in the body. While individuals gradually switch to healthier eating habits, they often relapse to harmful fried treats like samosas, pizza, and hamburgers.

After a few days of eating healthy snacks, we tend to stop because we’ve grown tired of munching on the same dull and tasteless basic nibbles. This makes it simple for us to lose the desire to eat healthily and causes us to turn back to pani puri, samosas, and pizza to satiate our taste buds.

Over a period of time, this pattern keeps repeating: you start eating healthy snacks, find them boring and tasteless, and then go back to eating vada pav and misal pav from your favourite restaurant.

The issue is the lack of snacks that satisfy our taste buds while remaining healthful and healthy.

Hapifuel was established to deal with this problem. It brings together the richness of all the nourishing but healthy dishes and the enjoyment of all the savoury snacks.

Hapifuel is a healthy snack brand that has an online store in Mumbai. It delivers fully baked, roasted, zero trans-fat, gluten-free snacks that you can have to satisfy your mid-meal hunger pangs without feeling guilty. We have amazing, healthy, tasty snacks like makhanas and jowar puffs in various flavours. One of the best products which Hapifuel offers is makhanas.  

Makhanas, also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds, are gluten-free, protein-rich, and high in carbohydrates. They are also rich in calcium, which supports bone health, reduces blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol levels. Makhanas are considered good for diabetic and heart patients as they have good fat and low levels of saturated fats.

Start your journey toward healthy munching by ordering Himalayan Pink Salt Makhana online in Mumbai from Hapifuel. It is tasty and flavourful at the same time. 

You can also try our snacks like Schezwan makhana, desi masala jowar puffs, and Pudina Makhana online in Mumbai. Shop healthy snacks from our online store in Mumbai to start your healthy snacking journey.