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The Healthiest Everyday Snack – Jowar Puffs

Jowar Puffs are healthy because firstly, they are made of Jowar, which promotes weight loss, controls bad cholesterol levels, improves digestion, regulates sugar levels & amplifies your immunity.

The jowar puffs are made from nothing but 100% Natural, Homegrown Ingredients. They are free of Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners or Colours. We don’t mean to sugar-coat your snacks, but we made sure you’d find No Added Sugar in them. When you’re not salty in person, why should your snack be? They run Low on Sodium and High on Fibre & Anti-Oxidants instead. We rely on Plant-based Protein to get you your daily dose of Protein with ease. Your favourite party snacks come loaded on the crunch and free of Gluten & Cholesterol.

Jowar Puffs can be eaten every day if you want to stay healthy. Many people eat jowar roti for weight loss. This is because jowar is a gluten-free alternative to maida (refined flour) or wheat flour. It offers innumerable benefits for the body due to its nutritional value.

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Jowar Puffs Benefits:

There are many jowar puff benefits due to its high nutrient composition. It is a desirable grain because it can contribute to good health. Here are some great benefits:

  1. Gluten-free
  2. Rich in Fibre
  3. High in protein and iron
  4. Good for bone health
  5. Packed With Vitamins, Minerals, and Micronutrients
  6. Improves the Digestive System
  7. Improves Heart Health
  8. Anticancer Agent
  9. Good for Weight loss
  10. Lowers Risk of Diabetes
  11. Higher energy levels and Improves circulation
  12. Boosts Immunity

How To Make Jowar Puffs a Part of Your Daily Diet?

Adding jowar puffs to your diet is a healthy decision. In a balanced diet, you would require 55-60% carbohydrates. You can achieve this by eating one or one-and-a-half servings of jowar twice a day. You can choose to eat it as part of any meal.

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